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Back To oldies-2

Another fan art. This time, Dawn. Enjoy!

Back to old days

Some days ago, during Easter, I started re-drawing some Pokémon stuff. I decided to de some fan art, with the main characters looking older. This is May, with 17 more or less. What do you think? I’ll be drawing more stuff like this ^^

Colouring old pieces.

As you may know, these days I’ve been sneaking through my old stuff, and I found out a really cute chibi I had drawn three years ago while I was in Greece. If you’re an artist, you may know that when looking at old stuff, the most probable thing is you won’t like it anymore. When I look back I see drawings that are horrible. However, this lineart was so pretty that I couldn’t help colouring it. You can buy a print here ( Buy print on DeviantArt) . Here is the result:


Remembering oldies.

Yesterday, I was cleaning my old computer and found out a lot of oldies, specially, a lot of mangas I used in contests. Some of them won, others didn’t. However, I decided to start translating them into English and post them in my DA. The first of all is Iced Dreams. I find the story beautiful, though the drawing sucks hahaha. It’s a manga I used to participate in FICOMIC’s 4-page manga contest(2009)<—OOOOLLLLDDDD. I remember doing it with Manga Studio.

Sorry for the poor translation, and a panel I didn’t translate, I was so tired. I didn’t use the right font neither. Doesn’t mind -..-

Here are the four links to the four pages:

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4