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Fay Love

Lately, I have been watching the anime of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. Though, I realized the third season will never come out, so I decided I am gonna buy all the manga volumes.


When I watched the OVAs I was amazingly surprised and as i am so in love with Fay(I want him for myself hahaha) I decided doing a quick sketch :3




A random painting I did digitally on Manga Studio based on this incredible photo of Deviantart’s user Justmeina. Check him out, his photos are really useful for drawing and he has a lot of really good material!

Original photograph here

justmeina Copy

OMG! I’m taking my driving lessons and I’m so happy. I’ve also started my degree in Design, and it’s fantastic(though I have to wake up early :P)

I started drawing something random in Pixelmator, and it came out like this. I thought it was pretty cool, so here it is.

Trying out Pixelmator

Some time ago, I bought Pixelmator for my mac. It’s an app similar to Photoshop (but cheaper and with not all the features of PS). However, I wanted to try painting something with it, and I feel it came out pretty good. I’ve drawn an African woman, to get out of my usual manga style.