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Fai- Chibi


Fai and Kurogane finished!

I have just finished the drawing of Fai and Kurogane! Enjoy 😀

Now I’m gonna do some push-ups and run and have a shower…and finish my calligraphy project for tomorrow D:!!!

(I think digital colouring turned out pretty well, didn’t it?)

WIP- Fai and Kurogane in Piffle World

WIP- Fai and Kurogane in Piffle World

A fan art of TRC: Fai and Kurogane, my fave couple, being Fai my favorite character eveeeerrrrr!!! He’s so damn hot I could have him for myself right now! (Hope my boyfriend doesnt’ read this hahaha)

Back to old days

Some days ago, during Easter, I started re-drawing some Pokémon stuff. I decided to de some fan art, with the main characters looking older. This is May, with 17 more or less. What do you think? I’ll be drawing more stuff like this ^^