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happy 2014!

Hello everyone,

I am writing to wish you a happy 2014. Hope I am not too late! I’ve also felt like writing something to myself and share with you some things I’ve been thinking about these last few days, that, I don’t know how, being near to a new year, even though it doesn’t mean really anything, means a lot. I don’t know why, but the last few days of December have the power to bring nostalgia and make you reflect.

I believe every year is a great year. Every year that goes by is greater. Some days, we think our life sucks, others we think one moment is the best moment ever. Regarding 2013, I do not know what kind of year this was. I just feel that lately time goes by too quickly for my taste. I feel a year is like a week, and a week a day, a day a second. I’ve lost myself in this thing called ‘time’. With feelings like these, you know it is true that time is relative and not absolute.

I have to be true here. Bad things happened. Good happened as well.

Friends? There are friends. There are people you know. Then there are strangers. And then there are haters, of course. I have met a lot of people this year: while working this Summer, from the new class in university, new bandmates… I know I will not speak to most of them ever again. You cannot keep in touch with every single person on Earth. Then some of them will come and go…And then others will stay. Forever, sometimes. Then there are those that are your best friends, and next year, you do not even talk to them. Well, I will not think about that very much. If they have gone, let them be. They may not support you nor care about you anymore. What about the new people you meet? In university, for example, first year you are hanging out with a group of people, next year, that group is completely different: some people have dropped the Degree, others prefer being with other people and then others you didn’t know, you decide, are amazing people that you have to be with(amazing not because they are good students and whatever, no, they are amazing, nice people) and come out being people you will always care about.

However, sometimes I feel in no man’s land. Specially regarding alcohol. I do not drink( I don’t even know why on Earth I’m telling you this) and when my friends drink, I feel completely awkward. I hate it when they try to make me drink because they think I won’t have fun at all if I don’t. It is that very moment when I start to feel disappointment at them. Sometimes even rage (Seriously, if someone doesn’t want to drink, let them be) That’s why I always try not to go to parties in which alcohol is involved, because when I have been to parties, my friends end up not being my friends. They end up being their horrible alter ego who’s been hissing, during the whole party, at them in the ear. Most of them forget who they were the next day. But, what about you? You have that image engraved in fire in your mind of naked girlfriends drinking, throwing up and peeing on the road. Now that I write it it’s completely disgusting(Not that I didn’t think that before) And, what about the next day? You cannot keep that image of your mind. So, from now on, I have decided I will not ever, ever, ever, go to parties in which alcohol is involved, because people don’t keep their word they won’t get drunk. And so, as I want to keep them as my friends, I do not want to see that side of them which gets possessed by that disgusting person I don’t know. I’m not saying I’m against alcohol just because I don’t drink. I’m just saying that people don’t know when to stop. It’s incredibly sad how alcohol can take your whole in just one shot.

Regarding music, what about music? I started my singing lessons on February, 2013. I know I get frustrated when something doesn’t come out as I want, but I must say, I have improved a lot( even though when I’m practising at home my parents and sisters say I’m somehow shouting…But I’ve talked to a friend about this and she tells me that the same happens to her, so I don’t worry anymore hahaha)(I’m gonna keep ‘shouting’). I know I have improved, because even with an allergy, I can get to sing what I want. Allergies are now a thing I got used to. I can now sing songs I could never sing before. And that gives me hope, that I’m becoming better. About my rock band. One band is gone, that made me sad. But, hey, if people don’t care about what they are doing and if they don’t believe in that cause, it’s better off this way. Because, after a fall, you have to get up. And, yes! I have got up better than ever. I now have an amazing band called Screams On Sunday! with two guys I met in October, and who are amazing musicians and people. And of course, my boyfriend, who I love very much and is my greatest support. Better songs are coming to my head. I know they won’t be of all people’s taste, specially because lyrics are very judgmental and I know some people won’t share my thoughts. But that is what music is all about. I don’t want to follow those pop singers that all they talk about is sex, parties and alcohol. I want to talk about that, but…I want to give you hell when you listen to it. I want to make something big out of this, and won’t ever give up. I now know that when the music is ready and the time is right, we will do our best.

About art and design, I love manga, but I’m also interested in other stuff like painting portraits, collages, typography… So I will try to do a little bit of everything, share it with you, of course, and become a better artist.

This is becoming a long journal entry, so I’m going to finish right away.

Dear 2014,

I hope you can bring very special moments to my life.

I hope this year I kill this travelling bug I’ve been having for the last few years.

I hope my family will be in no need of anything, not economically nor personally or sentimentally.

I hope my friends keep being my friends. I know they will. And I know I will also be their friend. Always. *Colme y Panda* 😉

I hope…What the hell, I don’t hope. I love you, Alberto ❤

I hope this will be the year of dreams, of dreams becoming true.

I hope you all have a happy 2014, and remember:


PS: I also hope I haven’t forgotten to write anything important…This entry is just a melting-pot of thoughts coming to my mind…

If you feel like it, share your thoughts and opinions 🙂


Christmas is near!

Back to old days

Some days ago, during Easter, I started re-drawing some Pokémon stuff. I decided to de some fan art, with the main characters looking older. This is May, with 17 more or less. What do you think? I’ll be drawing more stuff like this ^^

Trying out the new Manga Studio 5. It is a great tool for colouring, and it has a lot of new great features. The colouring tools remind me of Paint Tool SAI and Illust Studio. However, for manga and comic making, it’s not as intuitive as the older versions. A quick drawing I did of Chii, Chobits.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Sketch and Tumblr

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Sketch and Tumblr

Happy 2013 everyone!

I’ve been really busy this whole time and I apologize for not uploading anything here. I wanted to greet you and wish you a happy new year ( ^. ^ )

Here’s a quick sketch of a character I’m working on for a manga named Alma Blanca (White Soul).

By the way, I have a Tumblr account where I post really random stuff that I like, such as bands, anime, manga, etc… Feel free to check it out (^ – ^) MY TUMBLR



I added my Tumblr to the Blogroll 😀