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Based on  Chokosai Eisho’s five parties of the year: the doll party etching.


Christmas is near!

Break the ice!

Break the ice!

After so many days, I’ve finally finished my Sakura Card Captor fan art. I will soon start drawing commissions, so stay tuned for more information 🙂

You can check out a larger image in Deviant Art here: http://satsukiangel.deviantart.com/art/Break-the-ice-418820258

Card Captor Sakura-WIP

I’m watching Card Captor Sakura and started doing this for fun 🙂

I’m gonna have a snack 😀

WIP- Fai and Kurogane in Piffle World

WIP- Fai and Kurogane in Piffle World

A fan art of TRC: Fai and Kurogane, my fave couple, being Fai my favorite character eveeeerrrrr!!! He’s so damn hot I could have him for myself right now! (Hope my boyfriend doesnt’ read this hahaha)