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Quick random drawing of myself


A random draiwng I did of Mulan 😀

Trying out the new Manga Studio 5. It is a great tool for colouring, and it has a lot of new great features. The colouring tools remind me of Paint Tool SAI and Illust Studio. However, for manga and comic making, it’s not as intuitive as the older versions. A quick drawing I did of Chii, Chobits.

Wanna play?

Yesterday I spent more than an hour playing Cookie Panda Quest, a game you can find out in Flipline.com and in which you are a panda that has a rocket and has to reach US of donuts or something like that. It’s really catchy. I SWEAR! So, I loved the game so much, I decided to do a fan art of the game(I will do one proper further on).

If you feel like playing, click here:  Cookie game!