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Break the ice!

Break the ice!

After so many days, I’ve finally finished my Sakura Card Captor fan art. I will soon start drawing commissions, so stay tuned for more information 🙂

You can check out a larger image in Deviant Art here: http://satsukiangel.deviantart.com/art/Break-the-ice-418820258


Colouring old pieces.

As you may know, these days I’ve been sneaking through my old stuff, and I found out a really cute chibi I had drawn three years ago while I was in Greece. If you’re an artist, you may know that when looking at old stuff, the most probable thing is you won’t like it anymore. When I look back I see drawings that are horrible. However, this lineart was so pretty that I couldn’t help colouring it. You can buy a print here ( Buy print on DeviantArt) . Here is the result: